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Hi! I'm Jessica Bourbeau, and I provide services that are good for your soul. I'm a Justice of the Peace, as well as an Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church). In 2018 I became a certified Integrated Healing Arts Practitioner through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, with a focus in Spiritual Coaching. I'm also an experienced Life Coach, Hypnotist and Reiki Master, and I started this path as a Social Worker (ECSU 2011).

I've worn many hats, that have all come together in my passion of helping people. I can help you gain clarity and peace in your life, I can help you access the tools and skills you've always had within you, I can help you live the life you've imagined, and I can help you make your big day or special event personal, intimate and magical. I enjoy seeing YOU shine, and the creative process of helping you get there, however that may look.

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